Fire Emblem Path Of Radiance

Bestseller No. 1
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance - Gamecube
  • 3D battlefields where you command your knights, winged soldiers, pikemen, and skinshifters in man-to-man, turn-based combat
  • New units that can learn skills and work with the new laguz fighters
  • All-new magic categories and spells available for tactical use - new magic triangles and class skills
  • Find special artifacts in each mission, to introduce skills to your characters
  • Visit the blacksmith to create customized weapons to raise your overall speed and attack power
Bestseller No. 2
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  • Shape your army to suit your strategy by choosing from dozens of unique characters.
  • Employ a variety of short-range and long-range physical attacks, as well as magic!
  • Build support relationships between your characters as their relationships grow, so do their battle strength
  • 16 - 9 widescreen support for a better view of the battlefield
  • Ability to permanently save mid-battle
SaleBestseller No. 3
XenoBlade Chronicles
  • Great game for Nintendo Wii
Bestseller No. 4
Fire Emblem: Awakening
  • IMMERSIVE STORY AND VISUALS:The deep and immersive fantasy storyline is told throughbeautiful 3D visuals and movies.
  • DEEP CAST OF CHARACTERS: A massive selection of characters are at your command,withal with a unique personality and background story and different class types and skill sets.
  • BONDS GROWN IN BATTLE: Team up characters to strengthen their friendships on the battlefield. The closer they grow, the better these friends and allies will fight together. Some characters can even get married!
  • "9.6 out of 10. Fire Emblem Awakening is the most fluid and stunning strategy RPG experience available on a portable, and features the best storytelling and production value of any 3DS game to date" - IGN
  • "4.5 out of 4 (Editor's Choice). The best Nintendo 3DS RPG to date" - Gamesradar
Bestseller No. 5
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon - Nintendo DS
  • Easy-to-follow tutorial chapters
  • Take the battle online and clash with players around the world
  • Choose from dozens of characters with unique spells and abilities
  • "Fire Emblem" returns to its roots with a total overhaul of an NES classic never before released in America
  • Touch-screen controls and multiple save options
Bestseller No. 6
Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia - Nintendo 3DS Standard Edition
  • In a continent torn asunder by warring gods, guide two armies through brutal tactical battles-as this reimagined RPG epic invades the West!
  • Uncover the intertwining stories of heroes Alm and Celica, engage enemies, fend off dragons, and explore 3D dungeons.
  • Your prowess will grow as you master this melding of modern and legacy Fire Emblem gameplay.
Bestseller No. 7
Bestseller No. 8
Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals (Binding Blade)
  • English translated, available on GBA
  • Direct port from Japanese version
Bestseller No. 9
Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
  • Take on all-new monster battles and the Tower of Valni, with floor after floor of challenging fights, to gain the experience your soldiers need
  • As your soldiers increase in skill, you'll be able to choose between multiple classes to customize your army -- cavaliers, paladins, knighst and more are at your disposal
  • Field dozens of new soldiers and units on the field, from pegasus knights to mage knights
  • New submaps you'll be able to enter and leave at will, plus a new class change system for upgrades
Bestseller No. 10
Tales of Symphonia - Gamecube
  • Fierce, action-packed battle system with hundreds of special attacks, spells, and combos
  • Fully customizable character growth system -- change your fighting style and alter the storyline according to the characters' relationships
  • Multiplayer fighting action - Up to 4 players can control one party member each during combat
  • Unprecedented number of great minigames and side quests

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