Faraday Cage Wifi Router

Bestseller No. 1
WiFi Router Guard - Blocks EMF Exposure
  • Blocks about 90% of the EMF, RF radiation WiFi routers emit.
  • Easy installation, no assembly required
  • Uses the proven Faraday cage technology to block RF waves
  • Protects the whole house
  • 12 x 9 x 3 inches but does not fit large routers like the Xfinity or ATT Unverse routers.
Bestseller No. 2
Large WiFi Router Guard
  • Blocks about 95% of the EMF large WiFi routers emit
  • Easy installation, no assembly
  • Fits the large WiFi routers like, Comcast, Xfinity, ATT Uverse
  • 12 5/8 x 12 5/8 x 5 ½
Bestseller No. 3
Emf Protection Fabric, Conductive Fabric, Faraday Fabric, Conductive Thread, Emf Protection Cell Phone, Emf Blocker, Emf Shielding, Anti Radiation, RFID Fabric, Rf Shield, WiFi Blocker 36.2" X 42.4"
  • REAL FARADAY CAGE ✔ - A Faraday fabric can be recognized by the small square pattern. A mesh of genuine copper nickel threads. Only a conductive grid like in our rf shielding fabric can act like a faraday cage or a faraday box. Other fabrics are made only of inferior metalized conductive taffeta. Pay attention to the square structure on the fabric surface!
  • EMF PROTECTION ✔ 42.4" x 36.2" - Transform your bedroom or living room into a Faraday cage. Put our radiation protection fabric under carpet, tile or laminate. Protect yourself with this wifi blocker, even from the radiation from the neighboring apartment. For industrial and home use. 1.2 sq. yards. / 10.8 sq. ft.
  • TEAR-RESISTANT ✔ - This Aerospace Material is used for years to shield aircraft cabins. High performance NASAFES conductive fabric, made of 20% Copper/Nickel and 80% Polyester. Washable at temperatures under 30 degrees. Thinner than paper and tear-resistant as tarpaulin. We also supply industry manufacturers. Rely on the proven quality of our product.
  • RADIATION PROTECTION ✔ - Make emf phone case for cell phone radiation protection. Make your own faraday cages, smart meter guard, rf radiation shield cover, anti-static cloth, wireless meter shielding, e-textiles, shielding curtain, EMP and EMI radiation reduction. High-shielding conductive fabric for blocking RF signals such as cell, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS. As an insert in the wallet or handbag to protect your credit cards from data theft.
  • FARADAY MATERIAL ✔ - Cut the rfid blocking fabric to the desired size and make a anti radiation case to prevent signal relaying car theft. Particularly for keyless entry and keyless go systems. Cost - effective alternative to conventional RFID signal blocking bag/ anti theft faraday bags. We will provide you with a complete solution. A GROUNDING WIRE complements and enhances the features of our conductive fabric. Just search for "nasafes grounding cord".
Bestseller No. 4
SIGNAL TAMERTM -- RF Shielding Pouch for Wi-Fi Routers and Mobile Hot Spot Devices, Verizon Jetpack, Wireless Hub Devices, Reduce RF Radiation Emission 16" x 10" Inches
  • Significantly reduces your exposure to Wi-Fi radiation
  • Easy installation
  • Does not reduce the speed of your computer
  • Safe for your router
  • Measures 10" x 16" to fit most routers
Bestseller No. 5
TitanRF Faraday Fabric // EMI & RFID Shielding/Cell, WiFi & Bluetooth Blocking/Military Grade Shielding Fabric (44"W x 36" L / 11sq ft / 1.22 sq yds) + Free 12" L Conductive Adhesive Tape
  • ✅ Do not compromise your shielding with low-grade faraday fabric! TitanRF has the highest conductivity. TitanRF is the same type of fabric used by military for secure communications, forensics, and signal blocking.
  • ✅ Tested and certified to MIL STD 188-125 specifications by Keystone Compliance (report available upon request). Preserves the working integrity of electronic devices in the event of EMP or CME.
  • ✅ TitanRF Faraday Fabric is used for faraday bags and enclosures. High-shielding nickel and copper material used for military and law enforcement products. 80-100dB shielding rating from 10Mhz to 5Ghz. EMI Shielding & RFID shielding. High-shielding (not mid grade shielding) material for blocking RF signals such as WiFi, cell, GPS, Bluetooth.
  • ✅ Fabric dimensions: 44" wide x 36" long / 11 sq. ft. / 1.22 sq. yds. Surface resistance approximately .5 Ohm/sq.
  • ✅ Standard Fabric kit includes a FREE 12"L x 1"W strip of TitanRF Faraday Tape (high-shielding conductive adhesive) used for connecting multiple fabric sheets and sealing enclosures.
Bestseller No. 6
Router Modem Guard Microwave Shielding Headnet Reduce WiFi Radiation Exposure Signal Tamer
  • This is not a sales pitch, it is the truth. Nobody else is using the quality of RF shielding fabric which is used in our products. There are many sources of shielding fabrics that are inferior, not certified, and will not perform to the shielding effectiveness claimed by the sellers.
  • Well designed RF Shielding Headnet to fully protect your head, neck/throid from microwave/wireless radiation from wifi, routers, cell towers, mobile and cordless phones. Works extremely well for a Router/Modem Guard. Greatly reduces the strength of radiation emitting from a wireless router or modem.
  • Drawstring facilitates snugging the Shielding Headnet around the neck or around the bottom/top of the modem or router. As a Headnet, ideal for being in wireless saturated cities, shopping, travel, general outdoor wear. One size fits all.
  • Fabric shielding protection efficiency: Over 50dB (99.999%+) from 10 megahertz to 3 gigahertz. And 99.6% at 5.6 gigahertz. Very effective at higher frequencies as well. Please DO NOT try to test our products with your cell phone or an 'omnidirectional' RF meter, which are both wrong and inaccurate, then request a return telling us our products do not work! Most people do not have the correct equipment or education to accurately test these products.
  • Size: 18" across x 16" tall. You may want to measure your modem/router to make sure it will fit inside. However, fabric does open up quite wide at the opening. Absolutely no returns will be accepted or honored if the hat has even the slightest trace of smell from perfume, cologne, personal hair or body care products!
SaleBestseller No. 7
Smart Meter Guard EMF Shield Cover
  • Blocks smart meter EMF with the proven Faraday cage technology. Blocks over 98% of RF radiation emitting from smart meters.
  • Precision made in the USA and won't corrode or rust like crude copies made in China
  • Safe and easy installation - No assembly required - fits all smart meters in the US and Canada
  • Shields your entire home from EMF including inside the house
  • Be aware of the half price crude copies made in China that leak EMF.
Bestseller No. 8
Smart Meter Cover RF Radiation Shield
  • EFFECTIVE: Shields your entire home by blocking ~98% of Smart Meter EMF, RF radiation
  • SAFE & EASY INSTALLATION: Just slide over the glass portion of the smart meter and you're done!
  • AFFORDABLE: HALF the cost of similar products on the market. Why spend more than you need to?
  • DURABLE: 316 Stainless Steel construction withstands all weather conditions.
  • WELL-DESIGNED: Reduces RF while still allowing utility company to receive its signal. 7 inch diameter at the base.
SaleBestseller No. 9
Faraday Fabric-EMI RFID Shielding Earth Grounding-Block WiFi/RF Anti-Radiation Military Grade for Radiowave Microwave and Other Electromagnetic Fields 39"x43" inch
  • Surface Resistance: Below 0.03 ohm , Average Attenuation of 85 dB from 30MHz-18GHz.
  • Material: copper+nickel+polyester , diamond type , silver color, This Creates a Conductive Grid That Corresponds to the Idea of a Faraday Cage.
  • Highly Electrically Conductive , RF/EMI/EMF/LF Blocking ,Super Earthing/Grounding Fabric/Anti-electrostatic/ESD /Radiation/Radiowave/Microwave Shielding Electromagnetic Fabric.
  • Size:39"x43" inch (100x108cm). Each piece is 43" inch wide sold by 39" inch long. If you order more than 1 quantities and need continuous length please indicate this in Seller Notes or we will send each piece by 39"x43" inch.
  • Very easy to cut and sew .Usage for Bags, Curtains,Tents,etc.Effective Shielding for CellTowers,Microwave Signals,Phones,Smart Meters,Security Systems, Radar, Military Broadcast, etc and More. Making Anti-static Cloth, Wireless Meter Shielding, E-textiles, Shielding Curtain, EMP and EMI Radiation Reduction. High-shielding Conductive Fabric for Blocking RF Signals Such as Cell, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS. As an Insert in the Wallet or Handbag to Protect Your Credit Cards from Data Theft.

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